Why You Should Soak in Dead Sea Salts

While most people turn to Epsom salts to get their mineral bath fix, next time, try dead sea salts instead.

Dead sea salt is from the Dead Sea in Isreal, the saltiest and deepest lake in the world. The Dead Sea has been known since ancient times to contain healing properties, Cleopatra herself attributed her extraordinary beauty to the sea and its salts.

Because of its high saline content, swimmers can float in the water. The mineral content is about 53% magnesium chloride, 37% potassium chloride, and 8% sodium chloride (common salt) with the remainder comprised of various trace elements.

Next time you take a bath, use 1/2 a cup of dead sea salts, and as a bonus use some lavender essential oil for some added relaxation.

Helps fight skin breakouts. Dead sea salts have a healing effect on the skin. It helped to reduce breakouts of psoriasis by 35% in some studies.

Enhances skin hydration. The minerals found in dead sea salts contain natural moisturizing agents and have been shown to repair the skin’s barrier function, improve hydration and lower inflammation in dry skin.

It’s Anti-Aging. Dead sea minerals have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and helped to reverse markers of aging when applied to human skin cells in this trial.

Can Help Ease Pain and Stiffness. Rheumatoid arthritis patients who took daily dead sea salt baths saw significant improvements in morning stiffness, hand-grip strength, and inflammation around the joints.

May Help Back Pain. A study of patients with chronic lower back pain was conducted in which dead sea salt mud compresses were used along with a placebo. The patients who used the mud compresses saw a reduction in the severity of their pain.

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