What’s in Your Water Bottle?

We already know that plastic water bottles (and other bottled plastic drinks) are bad for the environment and our health.

But in case you haven’t already reduced your use with some urgency, take a look at this study to give you even more reason to.

The study looked for endocrine disrupting chemicals in 18 bottled water products, using lab tests to analyze what effects they could have for health.

The findings:

  • Over 24,000 chemicals were found in the bottled water samples.
  • At least 16 of the chemicals had anti-estrogen and anti-androgen activity in lab tests performed.
  • A number of the chemicals were unidentifiable.
  • This was the first identification of chemicals that could be disrupting hormones that have not yet been studied; dioctyl fumarates and maleates.

The takeaway:

Ditch the plastic! Bottom line. It is still unknown how many of the chemicals both identified and unidentified could have long-term effects on human health. But based on what we already know, it is definitely not worth the risk. And when it comes to children and developmental health, the effects of exposure to these chemicals remain largely unknown.


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