Upgrade Your Morning Coffee

Make your morning coffee even better without adding any gut-irritating ingredients like sugar or milk. Instead, try adding in one of these healthy alternatives.

Collagen Powder. A great way to get up to 20 grams of protein first thing without skipping a beat. Plus, collagen can help improve joint health bone density and fight against skin aging. Collagen powders are generally tasteless and absorb quickly and easily into liquids. You won’t taste it in your coffee, though it may make the consistency seem a bit creamier.

MCT oil. MCT is very popular in ketogenic diets, short for medium-chain triglycerides, and is a healthy fat derived from coconut oil. MCT oils digest and turn to energy quickly in the body while keeping blood sugar stable. This can lead to feelings of enhanced fullness, alertness, focus, and cognitive performance. It may even help with weight loss.

Cinnamon. This spice pairs exceptionally well with coffee when it comes to flavor. All you need is a dash or two. Cinnamon has been shown to help lower blood glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol in diabetics. It’s a tasty way to give yourself some of these same potential benefits.

Stevia or monk fruit instead of sugar. No need to turn to sugar or artificial sweeteners if the bitter taste of black coffee is simply not your speed. Try using stevia or monk fruit instead. These naturally derived sweeteners may even come with some health benefits. Stevia was shown in a recent study to have the ability to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and inflammation. The antioxidants in monk fruit have also been studied for their beneficial effects on reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. When choosing between the two, it’s just a matter of which taste you prefer!

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