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No Surprises. A new law went into effect on January 1st called the No Surprises Act, which bans surprise medical bills in situations where you are taken to an emergency room or hospital that is out of network on your private health insurance plan (if you have one). The law says (in short) that because you didn’t choose this out of network care, you shouldn’t be hit with a surprise bill for it. Leaving negotiations on the billing between your insurance and the provider.

U.S. Tops 1 Million. TheU.S. reported more than one million new COVID-19 infections on Monday of this week, according to data from John Hopkins University. The CDC estimates that the Omicron variant accounts for 60% of new cases.

New Shot to Prevent HIV. The FDA approved a new shot to prevent HIV infection. The shot is to be taken every two months by those who are at high risk of exposure to HIV, to prevent contracting the disease. The shot could replace a daily pill that is currently in use for this purpose.

Eye Drops Replace Glasses. A new eye drop called Vuity is out to treat presbyopia, or age related blurriness that leads to the need for reading glasses. The drops are said to reduce blurriness for 2-3 hours by way of the active ingredient pilocarpine which reduces the size of the pupil allowing the eye to focus. Doctors say it is best for people in their 40s and 50s.

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