The Perfect Poop Position

Hint: It’s not what’s pictured below.

In fact do us a favor and stop bringing your phone to the bathroom! (uh oh… are you reading this on the toilet right now?) While it might be tempting to keep yourself entertained, this habit can put you in the wrong position to poop. Not to mention the host of bacteria, virus and fecal contamination that your phone can pick up.

So what really is the perfect way to poop?

Sit with your feet propped up on something so that your knees are higher than your hips, forming an approximate 45 degree angle.

Lean forward and place your elbows towards your knees in the “thinker position.”

Relax. Breathe. Let the muscles in your abdomen unclench.

The squatty potty isn’t just a marketing ploy! It has been shown that the hip flexion achieved in a squatting position allows for an easier bowel movement with less straining.

You can find many different, affordable “toilet stools” for your feet so that you can get yourself into that ideal position.

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