Kids Using Toxic Body Products During Playtime

A new study from the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University has found that a large majority of U.S children use potentially toxic cosmetics and body products during play.

The research team surveyed over 200 parents to learn about their children’s usage of makeup and body products, finding that 79 percent of the surveyed kids use such items with 54 percent using them at least monthly and 12 percent using them daily.

What is particularly concerning is that these items often contain toxic chemicals like lead, asbestos and formaldehyde, which can increase the risk of cancer and other serious health effects in young users.

Even more troubling is that 20 percent reported using CMBP (cosmetics and body products) for eight hours or more at a time, while one-third unintentionally ingested these products in the last year.

These findings have prompted some states to consider passing laws that would better regulate cosmetics, makeup, and personal care items used by children.

Co-first author Kendall E. Kruchten commented on this: “In this context, it is important to uncover how makeup and body products are being used by children to characterize risk and improve safety.”

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