It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Whether you love or hate it, cleaning your space can provide you with a home that is free of dust, accumulated dirt, excess stuff, and mental and physical health benefits.

There is no better time than spring cleaning to reap the rewards.

Boost Immune Health

Keeping your free home of allergens is a huge benefit to regular cleaning and also a deeper, spring cleaning. Dust, mold, mildew, and pet dander can all accumulate over time and trigger allergies (or make them worse).

Cleaning the spots you don’t usually get to can help reduce these allergens in your home: dusting furniture, tops of doors, frames, and mirrors, tops of lamps, ceiling fans, lights, baseboards, cobwebs in corners, window sills and changing the air filter in your homes central AC system.

Prevent Illness

Cleaning and disinfecting high touch point areas of your home may not always be on your to-do list (when was the last time you cleaned all the doorknobs in your home?). But doing this periodically and cleaning certain areas of the home on a regular basis can help minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria. Keeping kitchen surfaces clean can also reduce foodborne illnesses.

If you touch it often, clean it well: cell phone, remotes, car keys, knobs all over your home, the stair rail, and so on. Think about all the things you touch constantly on a daily basis. Clean with alcohol or a non-toxic disinfectant at the very least when you have time for a deep spring clean. Make sure kitchen counters, sink, and cutting boards are cleaned daily. Wash and clean pet bowls daily and always wash your hands after handling them. When it comes to the bathroom, the dirtiest part, is actually your toothbrush holder!

Decrease Stress and Depression

How do you feel when you walk into a clean, clutter-free space? And how is that different from when the space you are in is chaotic and messy? Studies have shown that a clean space has a positive effect on mood and thinking. The process of getting rid of excess stuff can also feel very refreshing. Cleaning itself can even become a meditative act.

Let it go. Go through everything in your home, section by section (and take your time) and donate or recycle things that no longer serve you. If you never use it, it doesn’t fit you, or you don’t even know why you still have something, give it away to someone else who can put it to use if you can.

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