Help for the Holiday Hangover

In case you would like to avoid ringing in the New Year with a pounding headache, here are a few tips to help avoid or at least help with a holiday hangover.

Keep it clear: When choosing a drink stick to clear liquors like vodka. Dark drinks like whiskey, bourbon and even red wine contain more congeners, a compound that can increase the severity of a hangover.

One for one: After every drink, have a glass of water. Not only will this help slow your overall drinking down, but it will help keep you hydrated, an important factor when it comes to hangovers.

More than water: Speaking of hydration, to get the most out of your water try adding electrolytes before and after drinking. Often when dehydrated we are depleted of these important minerals that help control the fluid balance of the body.

Eat your eggs: Choosing eggs the morning after some heavy drinking can actually help cure your hangover. Eggs contain a large amount of cysteine, an amino acid that helps to mop up the toxic by-products of alcohol in your body.

Of course, you can also simply choose to drink responsibly or not drink at all and avoid a hangover altogether.

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