Brush Your Way to Better Health

We brush our hair and teeth, so why not our skin also?! Dry brushing is a simple, effective, and quick self-care routine that can not only exfoliate the skin but enhance health by stimulating the lymphatic system and promoting lymph drainage. Plus, it feels great!

Our lymphatic system is the body’s waste system. It must have a clear passage to draining lymph, which contains white blood cells (lymphocytes) and chyle (fats and proteins from our intestines), along with plenty of toxins we don’t want floating around in our body.

Before you start:

  • Use a medium-soft bristle brush. It should feel firm against your skin but not too rough.
  • When brushing, avoid any areas of broken or irritated skin.
  • Your skin should be dry with no lotions or oils on the skin.
  • Always make the brush strokes toward your heart.
  • You can dry brush on any area of the skin that feels comfortable.
  • Strokes should be firm and short.


  • Starting at the base of your feet, make a few firm, short strokes on the skin, up toward the heart.
  • Continue up the foot, legs, and buttocks.
  • Do the same for your fingers, palms, arms, and shoulders.
  • Brush any area on your back you can reach (or ask a friend to help).
  • Finish with strokes on your tummy, stroking upward, and then your neck and clavicle stroking down toward your heart.
  • Optional: Take a shower! Dry brushing removes dead skin cells, so feel free to take a cleansing shower to finish the process!

For more guidance, watch this quick tutorial.

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