Baldness Could Become a Thing of the Past

Scientists are working to crack the code on why hair loss occurs and how to reverse it.

New research seeking to understand the genetics behind why humans (compared to their primate ancestors) have become increasingly hairless looks at how genetics may play a role in male-pattern balding and conditions such as alopecia.

Humans used to be covered in hair from head to toe. But evolution has disabled the genes for this complete coat. Understanding why this happens by looking at other hairless mammals can offer clues on how we might reverse hair loss.

Scientists compared the genetic codes of 62 different animals and used a complex algorithm to pinpoint a particular set of genes that may be essential to making hair. While more research is needed to understand these genes and how other yet-to-be-identified factors play a role, the results are promising.

This latest study comes as the FDA recently approved a drug showing “incredible results” in reversing alopecia in clinical trials, with participants regrowing a full head of hair in just a few months.

Hair loss can be incredibly emotionally damaging for men and women, whether it’s due to alopecia, chemotherapy, or male-pattern baldness.

These breakthroughs in understanding the genetics behind HOW we lose our hair are a step towards create more powerful treatments aimed at regrowing it.

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