How Corporal Punishment for Children Leads to Anxious and Depressed Teens

It’s no wonder that spanking children can have detrimental implications for children’s well-being. Still, a new study is examining the impact of spanking on neural pathways in the brain, which shows precisely how this form of punishment produces these effects. Spanking is only one form of corporal punishment. Others include hitting, twisting arms, or any other use […]

Sperm Counts May Be Declining, Globally, But the Jury is Still Out

A new review was conducted of data on sperm counts from around the world. The review found that, as a whole, sperm counts have dropped by half in the last 50 years, going from 104 million to 49 million sperm per milliliter (a normal sperm count is anything over 40 million per milliliter). The data […]

Plant a Tree, Save a Life

We’ve all heard that spending time in nature is good for health. It’s not just some excuse parents give their kids to get them out of the house. More and more evidence is proving just how beneficial and necessary exposure to nature is, and one study is specifically looking at planting trees. Friends of Trees, […]

This Separates Happy and Unhappy People

So much of our focus is on happiness – wanting it, finding it, trying desperately to hold onto it. We seek it out as a rare treasure, and now scientists are suggesting that happiness can seem so hard to come by, not because we haven’t felt it but because our current feelings distort or interfere […]

A Groundbreaking Treatment for Tremors

Tremors, a common movement disorder, can result from certain neurological conditions, most notably Parkinson’s disease. Tremors have traditionally required brain surgery to treat. The University of Virginia Health has a “scalpel-free” technique for relieving tremors. A new study looks at the efficacy by seeing how participants are doing five years after treatment. How does the new procedure […]

How Breathing Shapes Our Brain

Better health and relaxation would not be possible without deep, intentional breathing. We know this from meditation, yoga, and life stressors – in the middle of an argument, we instinctively know to breathe deeply to calm ourselves down. Now, the Clinical Medicine department at Aarhus University has delved deeper into how breathing influences our brain activity and […]

Non-Dominant Hand Writing

Many of us have used journaling as a tool to relieve stress and worry, sort out our feelings, and to gain insight in times of uncertainty. But adding a twist can help you on a much deeper level: writing with your non-dominant hand. When using the hand you’re not used to using, the right side […]

A Tool That Can Estimate Total Toxin Exposure

Mount Sinai has developed a calculator that can be used as a metric to estimate our toxin exposure. Between toxins in personal care products, cleaning products, food, soil, plastics, medications, and water, we can be exposed to thousands of harmful chemicals in our daily lives – all of which can impact our health by way […]

Protein Bars: Filling Snacks or Empty Calories?

A small trial revealed that eating protein bars daily might only offer empty calories rather than satiety. Researchers wanted to see if the bars curbed appetite and would therefore help with weight management. However, it may have the opposite effect. The trial used 21 non-athlete participants who ate one protein bar a day for seven […]

Seed Cycling for Women’s Hormone Balance

If you’ve never heard of seed cycling, you’re in for a treat. Seed cycling is the practice of cycling or rotating certain seeds in your diet throughout the month to align with the two main phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle (follicular and luteal). The nutrients in particular seeds help to promote healthy levels of […]