3 Reasons to Buy Frozen Fruits & Veggies

When we hear “frozen” we may think of ice cream or frozen dinners, highly processed foods that are the opposite of fresh, and perhaps not particularly healthy. But when it comes to frozen fruits and veggies, it’s a different story. In some ways, opting to buy frozen fruits and veggies may be healthier, more economical, and overall, easier. Here’s why:

  1. Generally, frozen fruits and veggies are as nutritious as fresh. When fruits and veggies are picked for freezing, they are picked at the peak of their ripeness (nutritive value) and preserved. While some antioxidants may be lost during the process, only relatively small amounts are lost. The overall nutrient content remains intact.
  2. Frozen fruits and veggies are usually cheaper. When comparing prices on fresh organic berries with the same amount of frozen organic berries, frozen tends to be less expensive. Though brand and store prices may vary, pound for pound, you get more for your money when you get frozen.
  3. Frozen fruits and veggies last longer. How many times have you come home from the market with fresh produce – leafy greens, broccoli, pineapple, berries – determined to eat them before they spoil, only to throw most of it out because things didn’t go according to plan? We’ve all been there. The greatest perk about frozen produce is, they last for months in the freezer – you never have to worry about them going bad. Simply take out the amount you want to eat from the frozen bag when you’re ready to eat them, then seal the bag and keep the rest in the freezer for a later time.
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